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Davis Autism Approach®

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This new approach was developed by Ronald D Davis, who found his own way out of “the void of autism.” It is more correctly known as autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

We are getting great results across a broad range of individuals, from children to adults, helping them to overcome learning difficulties, social difficulties and personal issues.

There may also be a dependence of routine, a sensory sensitivity and a profound interest in some special subject.

The Davis Autism Approach addresses the three problem areas so that autistics can make more sense of the world around them. The highly structured and carefully sequenced activities may take up to a year to complete. These develop the knowledge and understanding that will allow the autistic person to participate in life more fully.


Individuation is the process humans go through to become aware of themselves.

Identity development

This part of the programme creates a conceptual structure for learning that allows a foundation for new knowledge, new experiences and new behaviours that can be acquired more quickly. Clay is used to explore these ideas and the client makes their own models in a guided process.

Social integration

When individuals are aware of other people they can actively interact with them, and begin to understand how to perceive other viewpoints and feelings and how they differ from their own.

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“I believe the potential for genius in some form exists in all of us. If only we have a foundation on which to build our thinking, and a goal we desire to achieve.”

~ Ron Davis

The Davis Autism Approach enables the autistic person to interact more effectively with the world.

For further information visit: www.davisautism.com

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